Gina Rodriguez
Goal Strategist & Mindset Coach

Experiencing Roadblocks? Chances are, someone else could have the answer you need to help you overcome that obstacle… 


 You feel stuck in your life and unsatisfied with where you are? You have a picture in your mind or a goal you want to achieve but can’t seem to make it happen? You feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you have and don’t know where to start? You are a business owner and/or entrepreneur and the results you are getting are not getting your closer to the life you want? You are ready to produce the results you want and feel good about it? Are you ready to make those goals a reality?


 Success Coach, Gina Rodriguez can support you and guide you towards achieving any goal you are ready to achieve. The foundation of Success Coaching is to get to the heart of the matter that focuses on creating the results to make the process of achieving goals an easy one. Life is not something that happens to you, it’s something that you can create, you have the potential to live the life you want. So, let’s start creating on purpose. Take empowered action and sign up for a Free Coaching Strategy Session With Coach Gina Today.

Empowered Action Society

It feels great when you can find people who are on the same journey as you, doesn’t it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the support and encouragement we seek within our friends or family. Let’s face it, some of them don’t even understand why we have chosen the path we have chosen. Or why you are not conforming to the “norm”. Now more than ever, I feel that we need a safe space to feel in community. A place where like-minded women can believe in our dream, no matter how crazy it sounds or how big our dream is. 

The Empowered Action Society was created out of a need I had for myself and a need that I found to be common within my community. A place for support and accountability. A safe space to dream big and move your Goals Forward and get closer to living the life you want.

If you have been feeling stuck, blocked and frustrated and are looking for support during this transformational time in your life, this group of like-minded women will help motivate and empowered you on your road to greatness and remind you that you are always becoming the best version of yourself!

Most importantly, if you have a goal you want to achieve for 2023- Now is the time to Take Action. With a clear roadmap of your goal, outside perspective from great like-minded women and accountability, you will move with ease towards your goals as you continuously experience motivation, excitement and empowerment to reach the finish line. 

This is where your dream becomes a plan you put into action with an encouraging support by your side cheering you on and celebrating and small accomplishment!

Are you ready to live your dream?


What Clients Are Saying

"I wanted to share that a few months ago I went to her first release workshop and it was amazing since that workshop I have become a stronger person. I am not afraid to voice my feelings and how something makes me feel. I am a more confident person. We did and envision part to help me visualize who I want to become and I see myself as that person and remain strong and true to myself because of it. Thank so so much Gina Eternally grateful."

L. Cortez

"Gina was able to help me clear out some internal emotions that I've held on & over processed, in such a short time. Excellent coach & I can't wait to see what else can come from this work."

Serrenna M.

"Gina was a Godsend. I had tried traditional therapy, but it wasn't helping me tear down the blockages that were stopping me from achieving my fullest potential. If you are open to the process and ready to change your limiting beliefs about yourself and your life, I suggest giving Gina a call. You will be glad you did!"

J R.

"Very happy with Gina's work. I've been tearing up my nails down to almost my cuticle since I was 2. I didn't really believe in hypno, but decided to try after trying everything else! In just one session I was already able to tell that the need had begun disappearing. The quiet office and comfortable chair and optional cover helps to soothe and ease the relaxation process. It's been about 3 months and so far so good, but I plan to go back again anytime I need some "reinforcement" or want her to help me with anything else."

Marie M.